Friday, November 24, 2017

Pro Bono Justice

OneJustice believes that lawyers and law students can be heroes. By coordinating pro bono services, OneJustice ensures that the safety net for low-income people is being supported by attorneys at legal services nonprofits and at law firms. 

Signature Projects

Justice Bus® Project: OneJustice recruits, trains and transports law student and attorney volunteers to provide much-needed legal clinics in rural, isolated, and underserved areas of California.
Law Student Pro Bono Project: OneJustice works with law school partners to engage law students in meaningful volunteer activities during the academic year.
OneJustice Summer: An incredible opportunity for summer associates to learn, advocate, and serve.
Pro Bono Conferences, Summits and Regional Meetings: OneJustice brings together all sectors of the legal profession together in ongoing discussions about pro bono.
Central Valley Pro Bono Challenge: Through this site, we support attorneys, law firms, and law students who donate their time and resources in providing legal assistance to low-income seniors, individuals, and families in the Central Valley.

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